People call me hope, i like to call myself dead. (momentsofheaven) wrote in lionlamb_stills,
People call me hope, i like to call myself dead.

Challenge #3 Eclipse Stills.

OMG i'm so sorry! i haven't been here for almost A month! i'm sorry but i had a lot of things to do hunnies u_u school is really evil when it wants. But i have this new challenge and i'll be updating more often i promise you Bedward fans.

Challenge 3 is about All Bedward Eclipse stills, check it out!

1. You must be a member of the community in order to enter the challenges.
2. You must use the pictures provided for each challenge, unless stated otherwise.
3. You are allowed to submit up to THREE (3) icons
4. Your icon(s) must fit LJ's standards (100x100 and 40kb or less; JPG, GIF, PNG format).
5. Blending, text and texures are allowed, however animations are not.
6. All the entries must remain anonymous until the end of the voting. You cannot post your entries anywhere else until winners are announced. .
7. Submit icons as an IMG SRC and a URL.
8. Deadline is wednesday september 8th 2010 8:00 pm
9. Both characters (Edward and Bella must be in the icon).
(rules from kstewicontest )
You can use any still of eclipse, Just stills no promo shoots, or screencaps.
Suggested gallery:
Entries so far [00/06]
Icons so far [00/15]
Tags: challenge 3, movie: eclipse, type: stills
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